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Want This Sled

Posted in Outdoor, Travel on November 15, 2008 by thewantblog

Don’t tell me this don’t look bananas! Continue reading


Want This Bag

Posted in Fashion, Travel on October 21, 2008 by thewantblog

Lately I have been really focused on finding a really good bag. Something in between a duffle and a carry on. The reason behind this is the need to carry all of my crap; iPod, magazines, books, client files, and sometime a spare shirt. The School Bag By Ecsotype has really caught my attention.  Very nice detail with the stainless and nickle hardware, and the rope! That’s what really caught my eye. Serious, but not too serious. Slick.

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School Bag

School Bag

Want This Luggage

Posted in Travel on October 3, 2008 by thewantblog

I wish I traveled more. This would give me good reason to pick up these Alexander McQueen pieces designed for Samsonite Black Label. We all know that when we do travel, there are a million black suitcases that are laid out to confuse us. This, my friend, stands out; and that’s what I like. With its thermoformable high impact & scratch resistant shell, it also means that it will hold up to the disgruntle baggage handlers. I’ve got a few months before my next trip to Brooklyn, NY. I need this for that trip! You can see more images here.

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Alexander McQueen + Samsonite

Alexander McQueen + Samsonite