Want This Bike

Call me crazy, but I’m about to hit the skatepark again…


my daughter has gotten bit by the BMX Freestyle bug, and now every waking moment she want to be at the skate park with her bike. No it’s not because of the boys, but because of the rush. Our most recent trip had her dropping in on the half-pipe, and doing sweet little runs. I was forbidden from hanging around inside the park because I didn’t have a bike or board.  I immediately got home and started doing some research to find my next bike, and came across a nice little number by a company called Eastern Bikes. They offer a ton of great bikes, but because of my size, a little 20″ would not cut it. What I found was a nice ride called the Traildigger. It’s big beefy and perfect for riding ramps with my offspring.  Priced at way under a grand, it’s perfect for ramps or kicking it in the streets on the weekends. I was able to get my local bike shop Transit (formaly West Village Bicycles) to track one down and order it for me. If you get one, meet me at the skate park this weekend.



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