Want This Media Stand

Sometimes minimal is good. In this case it’s very good.


So my kids have been without a T.V. (got grounded) for about 5 months now, which also means I’ve been without a T.V. for 5 months. We won’t even get into the NBA Playoffs. I’m still kinda sick about missing just about every game. But as a man of my word the T.V. stayed in the garage.

Well I am just about at my breaking point, and have started shopping for a new T.V. Believe it or not, it will be something slightly modest, Nothing over a 36″. This will replace our old Sony 27″ tube T.V. The new problem that I found was buying a T.V. is kinda like a snowball effect. You start with the T.V.  then it’s a new DVD player, Tevo, etc. etc. And on top of that, you have to find a place to put the darn thing. Most of us have visions of mounting a flat panel on the wall. But if you’ve looked into the cost of that, well, there’s another pain in the arse. So finding this Muro Media stand came as a pleasant surprise. At just under 600 bucks, you can attach it you your wall with just a few dry wall screws, and it can hold up to 4 different components. Nice. What make this unit so cool is the fact that by its design, all of your wires for your T.V. and components are hidden in the back cavity behind the unit. You use the basic wall mounting hardware to attach to the unit, and then there are the 4 floating shelves to hold your components. And because it comes unfinished, you are free to paint it, wallpaper it, or tag it with some cool graffiti. You could even bedazzle it! End result, a clean, simple and minimal wall unit. And if you move or re-arrange your space, you just move it and re-mount it. Simple! You can stop by or call a local Design Within Reach to chat with someone there about it.

Muro Media Stand

Muro Media Stand


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