Want This Rover

This baby is just a little too classy to go muddin’,… but it could!


I’m not really sure why you would NOT go muddin’ in this thing. Except for the fact that it’s a $95,000.00 vehicle. Believe it or not these British vehicles was first introduced back in 1948, the same year as Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair. There was a lot of great stuff going on that year. All of which no one had any idea that today they would be considered such classics.

Back to Land Rover’s Defender 90. Land Roverwill drop about 850 of these limited edition Defenders called Fire and Ice around the globe. “Fire” will  be available in a special Vesuvius Orange metallic paint, the “Ice” edition in Alaska white, both colors will be offset by Santorini black accents. Some other notable features are Recaro bucket seats, Alcantaratrim and color coded head and tail lights. The list goes on, I think they tried to shove everything conceivable option into the interior of this vehicle. Which is NICE! What is still truly amazing is that the Defender is still almost all assembled by hand due to the fact that it has no unibodystructure. To me this has a such very cool modern but vintage vibe to it, and is sooo much cooler than those damn Hummers you see rollin’ around town (I’m not event gonna link to it I hate ’em so much). Find your local Rover dealer, and get on the list, cause at $95,000.00 even in this economy they’ll be gone pretty quick.

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