Want This Watch

“Death from Above.”


I have looked at this watch for some time now, and I finally decided that I really do like it. The new Bell & Ross BR01 Airborne is a tribute to the US Airborne of the Second World War.  If you didn’t know, “Death from Above” is there motto. The watch has some pretty simple but fine features such as photoluminescent skull and hands and automatic movement. For a 16 year old company they are producing some very fine and interesting time pieces. The BR01 is limited as only 500 will be produced and sold if you want one like me, cash in your 401K early and give B&R a shout.

via Mr. West

BR01 Airborne

BR01 Airborne

3 Responses to “Want This Watch”

  1. Hello there, it’s nice to see a fellow Puma adikt. I have been collecting Puma high tops ever since my first pair of First Round Repeats. So far I got around 13-4 Puma Kicks, including the Santa Cruz, Han Cholo, and Alife Reflective First Round! If you wanna hit me up or check some of the goodies, check out my myspace at myspace.com/sneakyjem and I have a sneaker gallery. At the moment I can’t afford more, but hopefully when a job comes around the Pumas will be stacking. Spreading Puma love, Jem!

    • thewantblog Says:

      Jem. Good to hear from you. Be careful with those PUMAs those cats get hard to control. I’ve got 156 and still counting. I’m running out of places to put my sneaks. Finally broke down and ordered to Repeats in yellow, I’ve got your Sketch in red and black, and First Round Tetris are sweet, I picked up the Disc Blaze with that colorway. Rocked em today as a matter of fact. Stay in touch as we will start “leaking” info on the PUMA shoe design competition in a few months.

  2. Did I ever tell you that the building with the crown under the N in Want in your header pic is where I work and in fact I’m writing this comment from that building right now?

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