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Why oh why am I just now finding this?valet-derringer-cycles

You all know that gas prices are a bit of a bear right now, and we are all trying to be a little nicer to the environment. That is where this little bad boy comes in. The Derringer is a 1920’s motorcycle racing inspired bike designed by LA industrial designer Adrian Van Anz. It has two options, good old fashioned pedal power, or you can switch to the engine and ride at a cruising speed of 30 mph. Get this, it will get you 300 miles on the 1.8 gallon tank. Imagine paying $4.00 about every two weeks for gas, nuts! Van Anz takes about 12 weeks to complete the bikes which can be finshed with your choice of colors, Brooks saddle, and your monogram engraved on the gas cap (nice touch). The price is not bad at all either, just $3500.00 which is about the cheapest “hybrid” you’ll find on the streets these days. And you’re sure to get some sweet looks passing by the soccer moms in the Hummers. If you want one, get on the list now, and you could be crusing this fall. It’s also street legal and you don’t need to go down to the DMV for a special license.

via selectism

Derringer Cycle

Derringer Cycle


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