Want This Bike

Break out the tweed nickers. It’s time to get your cruise on.

There are times when I just want to cruise to work. Right now the weather is just perfect for cruising. My good friend Ryan, who is holding things down in Boulder CO. sent me this link to a new shop that opened there recently. The shop Gruppo Bici North America. They are the exclusive distributors of Atala (1903), BiciSupport (1976), Carraro (1924), Umberto Dei (1896) and Cicli Italia (1965) in North America. If you like pure Italian design, this is the site that you need to check out. I spent quite a bit of time on it this afternoon when I received the link, and fell in love with the Carraro Vintage. This is just a beautiful ride, and comes with a nice Brooks saddle, and for a bit more cash, you can opt for the chrome lugs. Nice. And for under a grand, it will get you rolling in style. If you dig it, get on the horn, cause their first container has sold out, and the next one is due to arrive any day now. So call and get on the list, then get riding.

Carraro Vintage

Carraro Vintage


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