Want These Skate Decks

Jazz and skateboarding,…there’s no better collaboration!


One thing that you’ll find out if you sit and talk to me long enough is that I am a huge jazz fan. I am even a bigger Miles Davis fan. You can speak with my son Miles David to confirm that fact.  Somewhere in that category is also a love of skateboarding. So when you throw both of them together in a blender you get something that looks like the skate decks that were recently released by Western Edition Skateboards to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  This August marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the album Kind of Blue. The 5 decks feature the original quintet (one musician on each deck) however there were two other musicians that contributed to the album which are not featured on the decks. This would make an impressive art installation. I can honestly say that I would hang these instead of riding them, which would totally bum out my daughter. She would see this as pointless. You can pick up the series from any local skate boutiques and finer skate shops.

via radcollector

Miles Davis Kind of Blue Skate Decks

Miles Davis Kind of Blue Skate Decks


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