Want This Bike

You know I have a thing for wood. Throw a bike in the mix, and I’m all in.


Alan Downey in Austin TX just blew my mind this morning when I took a look at today’s submissions on Fixed Gear Gallery. He has spent almost a year and somewhere between 300 & 350 hours building his bike frame out of solid Birch. This is simply a beautiful bike. You know this cat got an A in wood shop. Dennis from Fixed Gear Gallery has been showing Texas some love lately,… you can check out my ride posted yesterday here. You can also check out more photos of Alan’s bike here and here.

via fixedgeargallery

Solid Birch Bike

Solid Birch Bike

2 Responses to “Want This Bike”

  1. gadorawilders Says:

    I have a thing for wood too! Wink. It’s incredible!!!

  2. […] posted a want for another wooden bike a while ago. You can see it here. But like I mentioned, they just keep getting better. This time product designer Arndt Menke does a […]

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