Want These Shoes

I’ve been hitting the gym a lot more over the last few weeks.


I have had to wait a while for all of the “New Years Resolution” folks got bored with the whole concept of working out, and made their way back to Burger King for Whoppers.

Now Apparently PUMA and Alexander McQueenare going to hist us with some outstanding pieces over the next few seasons. The big talk is around the apparel. I’m waiting Mr. McQueen. Until then, I’ll settle for the new Ribcage. Since I’m in need of some new gym shoes, I’m hoping that these would work. I’m not too big on the colorful pair, the black or “Ribcage Lux”. As you can tell from the images below the shoes have a bit of an anatomical influence, showing the “ribcage” the Ribcage Sport go a bit further giving you some “tendon” detail. Not bad in my opinion. This is what I have come to expect from PUMA & Alexander McQueen.

via highsnobiety

PUMA X Alexander McQueen Ribcage

PUMA X Alexander McQueen Ribcage


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