Want This Bag

Have bag, will travel…


It if finally getting nice enough here to ride to work daily. Since I have to deal with people on a face to face basis, it’s best that I’m not funky when I showing our fine wares. So I have been looking for a decent bag for some time now. One that can carry a change of clothes, and some Right Guard. I think I have finally stumbled upon a good one. SAG  is small company out of Japan that produces some very nice bags for carrying your crap while commuting. Not long ago they did a little collaboration with Dave’s Quality Meat (DQM) on their Air Force I bag. Once I started to read and understand the qualities of the bags, I began the search. Turns out that the cats over at House of Commons has some stock of this very limited bag. The price ain’t bad either from what the SAG site says; about $220.00. If you dig it too, give ’em a shout and they’ll hook you up. Will post pics. as soon as my pack arrives.

via House of Commons

SAG X DQM Air Force I

SAG X DQM Air Force I


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