Want This Lamp

I’m gonna need a bigger desk!


You may recognize this lamp, especially if you have kids. It is the mascot for Pixar films. But before it made it way into our homes over the last few years, it started out as probably one of the best task lamps back in 1937. The Luxo, which means “I give light” in Latin was designed by Jac Jacobsen in Oslo Norway in 1937. It began winning design awards shortly after it introduction. This lamp is great, but what’s really exciting is seeing the Luxo Great 1. Standing at 14′ high, it is a task lamp on steroids. The put things into perspective, the regular task lamp stands just over 3′ in height. The more I look at it the more I want it. This would be such a great lamp for a kids playroom, or as your dining room light (as seen below). Wherever you put it, you’re sure to draw up conversation. if you’ve got $9500.00 sitting around you can pick one up at DWR.

Luxo Great 1

Luxo Great 1


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