Want To See This Film

It’s been a while since I had a movie night with the lady. Looks like it will be a while longer.


I don’t think mama is gonna want to hit this film with me Wednesday night. So it looks like it going to be myself and some of my peeps riding to the Angelika at Mockingbird Station to take in the free film. Yes Free. Which is good considering how much coin I’ve dropped on my bike.

Colin Arlen and Colby Elrick have put together a nice little flick of themselves and their crew smashing up San Fran called Macaframa. Now I will admit that I just don’t have the bones for some of the insane stunts that these cats do, but it is worth a look and most definitely inspiring. If you are down for a good flick and most likely some cold brew afterwards at Centre. I would suggest that you meet up with us at Adikt and West Village Bicycles around 6:30. We’ll take a leisure ride to Mockingbird Station and then catch this insane film. Wanna know what you’ll miss if you don’t go, check out the clip here. And goodness sake, dust off your bike and go ride!




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