Want These Shoes (for my daughter)

You all know that I have a serious thing for PUMA’s. However, I also do want things for others around me. nike-caroline-dunk-hi-2

 This one is for my daughter, and any other Nike fan out there.  My child is all geeked out over the new movie Coraline. So when I showed here these very Limited Edition Nikes, I new instantly that I had painted myself into a corner.   The patchwork stitching is groovy, but the coolest feature is the big black button.The good news is that she understands that there are only 100 pair in production. The bad news is that she brought up the newest addition to my collection PUMA Disc Blaze Goonies Pack. They’re a bit wacky, but I love ’em and searched and waited for months to get them. So now I’m stuck with trying not to let daddy’s little girl down. If you have an inside connection, get at me. My little girl needs some new shoes!

images via coolestshop
Nike Coraline Dunk Hi

Nike Coraline Dunk Hi


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