Want This Scooter

I should have had this guy for my wood shop teacher in high school.


Seriously, I really wish I would have had this guy as my high school wood shop teacher. Cutting boards, and bird houses kinda sucked. Also I think this guy still has all of his digits. Mr. Hansen, was missing two.

We are all pretty familiar with the Vespa. If you are not, go ahead and  check out this Fine Young Cannibals video Good Thing. This should bring you up to speed.  Now back to my dream wood shop teacher. Carlos Alberto of Portugal has built a Vespa scooter out of wood. Although there are not a lot of details about the piece, you can clearly see that it is composed of various types of premium wood species. And you know that I have a serious thing for wood. It’s beautiful, and when you pair it with toys or furniture, I’m usually “all in”, but this takes it to another level. You can check out the building process here. It’s pretty amazing.

via likecool

Wooden Vespa

Wooden Vespa


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