Want This Skateboard

The quickest way to get your a** kicked at the skate-park!

Today Louis Vuitton is launching their new Rose Collection inspired by the past works of Stephen Sprouse. To celebrate the occasion The LV flagship will receive a temporary makeover of Sprouses signatue neon graffiti and a 6′ neon light installation of Sprouses Rose design. They will also be offering 3 limited edition skateboards with the decks tagged with Spruse’s signature graffiti. To top it off, the skateboard comes with its own custom designed LV trunk. All for the low price of $8250.00. 

Now if you just happen to have $8250.00 just sitting around in your checking account and decide to cop one of these very rare and collectible skateboard and trunk sets. I strongly recommend that you not take this to your local skate-park and try to mash it up with the locals. This would be the fastest way to get beat down by a bunch of 14 year olds calling you a poser. Best to add this piece to your ever growing art collection in your home. If you just cannot seem to part with that much coin, you can also spring for the t-shirt that is being offered tomorrow for $250.00. I’m not “crackin’ wise” as my son would say. I actually dig the skateboard, and I do skate quite a bit with my daughter. I just don’t see it as a wise choice to use a $8000.00 skateboard at the skate-park. Wouldn’t it be a shame to slip and fall only to have the board run off into the street to meet it’s end by some girl named Buffy driving her H2. All jokes aside, the proceeds for the sale of the limited edition skateboards and t-shirts will go to charities centered around promoting art in New York. Two of which you can check out here and here.  If you still want to know more about Sprouse you can pick up the new book by arthors Roger Padilha and Mauricio Padilha here. It will be released 1.13.09. If you happen to be in Soho today 1.08.09 snap a couple of photos for me, and grab me a t-shirt (Large).

via freshnessmag

Louis V. X Stephen Sprouse

Louis V. X Stephen Sprouse


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