Want This Helmet

I got an message from God today, and I am responding!


To make a long story short, myself and a few of my friends got together to take in the nice afternoon and get in the first ride of the New Year. But we got a taste of some Road Rage, and we were mowed down by an angry driver. Lucky for us, there were tons of witnesses and now this guy is being hunted by Dallas Police. Most of the group managed to make it home with severely damaged bikes (sucks), and a lot of scrapes and bruises. Unfortunately one rider suffered two broken ribs. The message that I received this afternoon was your day can be ripped from your fingers in a second. I sometimes ride with a helmet, but this afternoon, I was without one. Seems that there was a crack in my old one.

Once I got home and took some Advil, and immediately got online to search for a helmet that didn’t suck, and keep my melon in one piece. I stumbled across these helmets from Bern. They make a ton of different styles for everything from wake-boarding to skateboarding. I picked out this one. What I found that I really liked about their helmets were the ability to alter the function of the helmet. You can add visors for sunny days, and fuzzy earmuffs for cold winter days. There is also another cold weather feature that is wired with headphones for your iPod, however I do not recommend this for bike riding, but apparently is OK for snowboarding. If you ride, or considering riding, skateboarding or whatever, GET A HELMET unless you’ll want to get your egg scrambled. If you need more convincing, click here.

Bern Brentwood

Bern Brentwood


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