Want a Better Year Than Last Year

I’m not at all saying that last year for me was bad. It was actually a pretty good year. But I think we have all grown a bit tired of the state of things today. Aside from the really fantastic things that I post here, this is what I really want: An end to the war in Iraq, Peace in Africa, a healthy world economy and a decrease in unemployment, (enough of the “Doom & Gloom” NPR, we get it!). I want a planet to leave behind for my kids (so recycle, it’s not that damn hard!). Speaking of my kids, I want healthy, confident, and intelligent kids, (my wife and I work everyday to achieve that, and it starts at home not just at school). One more thing, I want people; parents, aunts, uncles, teachers etc. to stop f*cking with our kids, physically and mentally. I think Metro Dad said it best when he suggested that if you think about abusing children, you need to “Take one for the team”, and off yourself.  I want an honest government, (Barak, we’re following your lead.) Finally, I want to grow old with my woman, she 100% (maybe this year I can get her on a fixie). Let me repeat, it has been a very good year, I’m just think  some change is needed. This is just my short list and mini rant.

So what is it that you want this new year; a better job,  more travel, a rare pair of sneakers or world peace? Let me know.

And (yes, I started a sentence with “and”) thank you for bookmarking this blog. I appreciate you checking in, and I look forward to sharing with you my “wants” for 2009. As you can probably tell, I am all over the board when it comes to things that I like. It will be interesting to see what is added to this years list.

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