Want These Shirts

Nothing says gentleman like a nice pair of shoes sneakers, and a custom tailored shirt.


I am always wearing sneakers, always. So one thing that I feel that is important is to have either a nice pair of pants, or a nice shirt. One or the other, and sometimes both.  Most of the shirts that I have purchased over the years have been off the rack. Nice, but still off the rack, and not as nice as some of my close friends have told me about regarding tailored shirts. Since I have been loosing quite a bit of weight the last few months, I figured that this may be the time to give some tailored shirts a try. I ran into a friend who works for J. Hilburn, and she agreed to stop by my studio and measure me for the perfect fit shirt. The thing that makes me nervous about meeting her, is that I know myself quite well (154 pair of PUMA’s) and  with that kind of track record for sneakers, I have a strange feeling that this too can spin off into a shirt in every color, and in a number of different styles. But I still think it’s necessary to have someone like this in your Rolodex that you can go to to get your sh*t done right.  This is another name to add to your Rolodex of contacts as Urban Takeout suggests. If I may, I would like to drop this quote on you, compliments of  Jay-Z  “And I don’t wear jerseys, I’m 30+, give me a crisp pair of jeans *explicit* button up, S. Dots on my feet make my cipher complete…” (What More Can I Say/The Black Album). The appointment has been made, and I will give you an update on outcome of the shirts.


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