Want These Dominoes

I have been playing bones “dominoes” for years, but this is the hottest set I have seen in my life.


You are all aware that the holidays are upon us. And with that comes family gatherings. For as long as I can remember, sitting around the kitchen table playing cards and dominoes has been the favorite pass time back home for my family  when we were all crammed together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone wanted to have the flyest set of dominoes. I’ve seen wood, bone, and stone, but never anything like this. Natalia Brilli has made quite a name for herself with alot of her leather goods. Just about everything that she does is hot, but two items from her objects collection stood out; the skateboard, and the dominoes.  As hot as the skateboard is, I could never imagine taking it to the half pipe. To me that falls in the category of art. So for just about the same amount of cash you can spring for this bad a** set of bones wrapped completely in leather. You will have friends and family fighting to get at the table for the next game. The only problem I see is that this set is just a few steps above the dominoes companion, Old English 800. This set is better off paired with  something like say, a 20 year old scotch. And please don’t slam them on my mama’s table, this set cost $1400.00. You can pick them up for me at Project No. 8.

Leather Dominoes

Leather Dominoes


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