Want These Shoes

Practice your fake Japanese scream! Godzilla is returning March 2009!


After much talk, PUMA has finally given us a preview of the new Japanese Monster Pack. I have to admit they are a bit extreme, but damn, they’re hot. I have been waiting to get a peek at these for a while, and it looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer until I can actually own all 5 pair. The release date for these isn’t until March 2009, and that’s for Germany. The pack features a mix of materials and highlight Godzilla and some of his most feared enemies like King Kong, Mechagodzilla, Mothra, and Ghidora the Three Headed Monster. You can check out more images here.

via highsnobiety

PUMA Japanese Monster Pack

PUMA Japanese Monster Pack


2 Responses to “Want These Shoes”

  1. […] This Watch It getting closer to the arrival date of the PUMA Monster Pack featuring […]

  2. […] assume that these would be some pretty slick sneaks. You’re right. No crazy colors like my Monster Pack, just clean and simple suede and patent leather. This time they took the sewing machine to the Puma […]

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