Want This Bike

Cannondale must have bought a clue.


I have been following this concept bike by Cannondale for a while now via Bicycle Design. Some more solid pictures have dropped and I have to admit, it’s pretty impressive. Now if you want to talk about my first comment about Cannondale, well, lets do that… I have never been a big fan, until I copped my Capo a while back. I had not been that impressed with some of their designs.  I never really bought into the single fork thing. My brain just didn’t want to process the idea. I dug the Capo because of it’s simplicity. Being a designer, and a fan of good design, I was always looking for a reason to love them. Then they dropped to re-design of the Bad Boy through a collaboration with G-Star. You can see that bike here.  Now they have gotten all super TRON on us and dropped the Stealth. This bike looks like it can fly. Not too sure of the drop date but stay tuned. you can read more about the Stealth here. Be prepared to get a second mortgage on the house, by the looks of this thing, it ain’t gonna be cheap.

Cannondale Stealth Concept Bike

Cannondale Stealth Concept Bike

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