Want This Bag

Just don’t call it a fanny pack…visvim-ballistic-lumber-8l-waist-bag-2-477x5401

When I ride, I usually carry a pretty large bag for all of my cycling crap. But there are days when I just hate carrying a large bag. I also have to admit that I’m a little gun shy about carrying a fanny pack. I have no real focus on bringing back the 80’s. I lived through theme once, and that was enough. Besides, my daughter refers to things from the 80’s as “vintage”. Geez! So I got the warm and fuzzies when I saw this ballistic lumbar bag from Visvim. Notice the word “lumbar” . This means that it is not a fanny pack. This bag comes as the follow up to the ballistic back pack that they introduced a few days ago. Pretty hot.  There are enough compartments to carry tubes keys phones, and a U-lock. Plus it looks so damn cool that you are sure not to have your friends throw rocks at you or put a stick in your front spokes when you go out riding.
Visvim Ballistic Lumbar Bag

Visvim Ballistic Lumbar Bag


2 Responses to “Want This Bag”

  1. lol lumbar pack…..yeeeeah. Dude, its a cool Visvim, fashion-forward….fannie pack. Nobody’s gonna hate.

  2. nice fanny pack.

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