Want This Scarf

Will someone please tell me where to find one of these!!!

The cats over at Urban Takeout recently did a post on glen plaid. You can check out the post here. What got me was the Origami Scarf by Solo Uniko. I really like this. It is a sh*t ton cooler than those damn pashminas that all of the “cool kids” are wearing. (um, by the way, skip definitions 1 &2 on that link) It’s just a tad bit more grown up if you ask me. I’ve sent my email to Solo Uniko. I am now just waiting on a reply back. If you know where I can score one stateside without waiting months to get it, hit me back in the comment section.

Origami Scarf

Origami Scarf


3 Responses to “Want This Scarf”

  1. Every time I try and google this scarf, my own blog pops up. It’s as if this is the most exclusive scarf ever.

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