Want This Bike

Obviously I need this like I need a hole in the head…

I spent Sunday evening riding with a small group of cyclist. It was a mixed bag of cruisers, fixies, and mountain bikes. It was a pretty laid back group, but one cats bike really caught my eye. It was as he dubbed it his “Urban Assault Bike” a very cool and simple ride, almost like a fixie on steroids, but mean enough to make pot holes not roll through them. So naturally I got to thinkin’ I really don’t have an Urban Assault Bike. Thus the search began. I keep tons of links to various sites on every from shoe lace caps to million dollar homes. It took me about 3 minutes to find a post about a stellar bike that was released a few months back in Great Britain. G-Star got together with Cannondale to produce a limited edition bicycle that is completely tricked out for just about everything need to attack the city streets with grace as well as style. Some of the coolest features are the scratch resistant paint finish, integrated lights, pedals, 8 speed internal hub and Brooks saddle and grips. Unfortunately only 500 of these Bad Boys were produced, and sold out or were given away in a matter of weeks.  My ebay search has started, I am determined to add this one to my bicycle assortment. If you want one similar check out the Cannondale Bad Boy here. If you live on the other side of the pond you can check out these with a few more options here. Which are just as stellar but without all of the fixins. Unfortunately it’s kinda like seeing the Mercedes loaded with heated seats and power everything, then buying the one with windows that you have to roll down manually. Yeah, like that. You can check out more of the G-Star Cannondale here.

Limited Edition G-Star Cannondale

Limited Edition G-Star Cannondale


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  1. […] they dropped to re-design of the Bad Boy through a collaboration with G-Star. You can see that bike here.  Now they have gotten all super TRON on us and dropped the Stealth. This bike looks like it can […]

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