Want This Toy

More than meets the eye. This is the one! There are quite a few toys that I really want. This has just moved to the top of the list of my wants. My son and I often break out the Transformers from time to time and have a good ol’ battle of good vs. evil.  This transformer however would never make it off of the shelf for battle. Apparently a few years ago in Japan, Takara held a contest giving away 10 Gold Plated Otimus Prime Transformers. This is considered the “Holy Grail” of Transformers. It is full articulated, and transforms from the robot to the semi truck. I have no idea what this guy paid for this, but being such a limited edition pieces made almost gold plated metal, I’m sure it wasn’t cheap. If Gianni Versace collected toys, he would would have all 10 released, presumably sitting next to this lamp.  You can see more of the The Gold Otimus Prime Here.

via Centre

Gold Masterpiece Otimus Prime

Gold Masterpiece Otimus Prime


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