Want This Typewriter

To hell with Blackberrys, and iPhones, if you really want to have the ultimate in modern  “texting” you need this.

Design Within Reachhas offered another very cool piece in their new line called DWR Limited.  Since the launch about two weeks ago, they have offered up to the public rare and sometimes hard to find modern pieces for the home. I got an update yesterday about a typewriter designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1969 for Olivetti. Simply named the Valentine Typewriter, in came in a plastic “valentine red” shell. This “portable” typewriter was meant to be used anywhere but the office. Targeting the “secretary on the go”. Remember, texting, and email were just a dream back then. So this was modernism at its best in 1969. DWR LTD is offering this rare vintage typewriter with the Nine-O chair which was designed for Emeco, and was one of the last chairs designed by Sottsass before his death in December of 2007. He was 90, this is where the name comes from. The Chair and typewriter are available for auction on Ebay with the starting bid at $500.00. You can check it out here. Both are worth having in you collections of vintage wares.

Valentine Typewriter

Valentine Typewriter


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