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I got caught sleepin’!

I admit that I am a bit of a snob when it comes to music. So I have to admit that I was caught sleepin’ on SIA. I have passed by this album hundreds of times at Starbucks in the morning when I get my coffee. Here’s another thing that I am guilty of. I put a lot of thought into the artist via their album cover. This to me looked like something that my daughter would dig, not me. Boy was I wrong! Checking out Mr. West’s blog this morning, I decided to click on this video. Not that I put much stock in what he likes and/or dislikes, but usually we are on the same page.  I think I’ve listened to this track about 10 times now and can honestly say that this sh*t is dope, and definitely not my daughters music. This track “Soon We’ll be Found” is just wonderful. This is one of those songs you’re caught singing in your car driving down the highway, with people staring at you like you’re a maniac. Check out their performance on David Letterman, then go cop the album. It’s all really dope. Sorry SIA, I won’t sleep on you again. Your album has now found permanent residence in my iPod. Click here to see the video.

Via Mr. West





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