Want This Tree

Just in case you forgot, Christmas is almost here.

With that said, the hunt is on for the perfect Christmas tree. I am sure we all don’t want to end up like Charlie Brown with the pathetic little tree. And these days cutting down a tree for a months use and a cost upwards of $75 just sounds crazy! To top it off fake trees just look, well,… fake. I have been working on a tree for a few years now, and sooner or later I’ll get around to putting it into production. Until then, I believe that I have found a pretty good solution. A cardboard Christmas tree. It even comes with ornaments. What I found cool about this tree is that the company that produces it donates a portion of the profits to the Arbor Day Foundation’s Trees for America program. For every dollar donated, one tree will be planted in damaged forests. Pretty cool if you ask me. Think about it, no hauling a tree home, no watering the damn thing, no sweeping needles. Come January, you fold it up and stick it in the recycling bin. Done!  Here is another cool thought. If you are looking for a reason to throw a little party with friends, and some cool gifts, snag a dozen of these and hit up your local craft store and liquor store too, and have a tree designing party. The trees are about $25.00 each, which ain’t much. Honestly you’ll spend more than that on people you don’t even like that are on your list. So use this idea, cause I really can’t do it now, since I just told the whole world about it. You can find out more about ordering your cardboard tree here.

Cardboard Tree

Cardboard Tree

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