Want This Bike

This is what happens when graphic, furniture, product designers and an advertising agency get together to design a bike. Sweeet!

So for those of you who may have seen this bike before in the past, just humor me and let the others enjoy. As you know I have been building my new bike for a few months now, and as a modernist, I tend to lean towards simple clean modern designs. Since I have been searching for the perfect replacement parts, I was led back to this page which I had saved almost a year ago. Like I mentioned on the first page, this is exactly what happens when graphic, furniture, product designers and and advertising agencyare locked in the same room. Genius. Bare and simple, you could even say minimalist if you’d like. Each year that the bike is made Alta produces them in limited quantities of colors. Currently they are producing Yellow and White. Even though I have a few bikes already, I still have room in my garage for one more. Trouble is, when I was on the hunt over a year ago Alta never replied back to me as to where I could grab one stateside. You can try your luck at getting one on their site. While you’re at it, check out the ads on theirĀ web site, they’reĀ  pretty damn funny! Let me know if you score one, I want to come over and ride it!

Alta Bike

Alta Bike

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