Want This Jacket

Mad Scientist or Mad Genius, you tell me…

I’ve been meaning to write about this cat for a while now. But it I always seem to fall on something else that grabs my attention for that moment; I want a lot of stuff. Dr. Romanelli or Dr. X is a Mad Genius. I have been following him and his work for a while. And now that I think I’ll have some extra cash in the next few weeks, I am seriously considering picking up one of his pieces. What appeals to me most is the fact that he uses new and vintage clothing and materials. But the execution is far more superior than some of the “vintage” redos that you see around town. I should know, I had a small company called borngain that used vintage fabrics for pillows lamps etc. and that smack was hot! Dr. X is totally on another level. And now it seems that he is collaborating with everyone from Nike, Dunhill to Lupe Fiasco while¬†still adding pieces to his own collection. His latest collaborations was with local Hong Kong retailer Lane Crawford. The down vest that he did for them appears to be cut from the same cloth (pun intended) as the jacket shown below, which is from old fatigues and military gear. You can see those pieces here.

Surgical Strike

Surgical Strike

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