Want This Chair

I sat in this chair at ICFF back in April.

My wife and my friend Evan were drawn to this chair while we were at ICFF in New York back in April. We each were fighting to sit in it like little kids. Me next, me next! It is surprisingly comfortable, and completely deadens the sound when you sit in it. I could see it as a great “thinking” chair overlooking a small wooded area. The Poltrona chair from the Showtime Collection is designed by Jaime HayĆ³n a Spanish artist/designer from Madrid. You can check out more of the Showtime collection on his website here, and some other pieces he has designed here. Again to me this has a bit of throw back towards an almost antique look, but completely modernized with the glossy lacquer. I could definitely go for two of these in white with white tufted leather on the inside. On a kind of wierd side note, the chair does remind me of Mr. Crabs daughter Pearl from the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants. Wierd right?

Poltrona Chair

Poltrona Chair

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