Want This Bike

And the shoes to match. Fresh!

I was pretty stoked to find this new bike available from D-Mop out in Hong Kong.  They are celebrating their 20th anniversary and have teamed up with some very notable designers. Most important in my book is Mihara Yasuhiro. You can read an old interview he did with Cool Hunting here. If you don’t know him, get to know him. He is one of the designers doing some pretty futuristic designs for PUMA. PUMA has a very wierd release thing with his shoes. One day they are flooding the market, the next,… gone! So if you ever see a pair that you like, grab ’em or you’ll be singing the blues like me. I’m still bummed about a pair that I missed almost 3 years ago. And what kills me the most is that my bike tech has them and never wears them. An insult to injury if you ask me. Yes Tommy, I still want those shoes. Ok back to the bike. No one is too sure what the bike frame and fork actually are, but it’s a straight forward fixed gear that has been tagged with the MY signature two-toned coloring.  What I dig the most is that it’s an nice match to a pair MY did earlier this year dubbed the “Golden Tiger”. Believe it or not, I think it would be easier traveling to Hong Kong and buying the bike, than getting your hands or a pair of these shoes.

via selectism

Mihara Yasuhiro Fixed Gear

Mihara Yasuhiro Fixed Gear


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