Want This Book

It’s getting cooler outside. Time to find a good book to read while we “hibernate”.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am very obsessed with design. This blog is obviously about things that I want, but maybe never really able to afford, but they all part of the design culture. They are in my opinion, good design. Sometimes a bit radical, sometimes a bit simple or just plain weird. What you must realize is that good design is all around us. From paper clips to airplanes. What interest me about the book  The Design Culture Reader is that it brings together many different writers whose focus is thinking about design culture in the past, present and future. The book also looks into the social issues of design such as globalisation, the environment, and the evolving experience of modern life. The more one knows about design, the more one can appreciate the things around them like the paper clip for instance.  You can find out more about The Design Culture Reader here. Also, if you’re interested here are a couple of other books here, and here here for you to check out regarding design should you want to curl up in front of your digital fire place.

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The Design Culture Reader

The Design Culture Reader


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