Want These Cards

You’ve met this guy before. Heck you may have even been this guy one night at a party…

My good friend Steph gave me one of these cards before. Not gave it to me, but gave it to me to use… Honest. The Stop Talking card by Alison Riley is brilliant. We have all been at a party or social event where there is one guy in the corner that has had one too many cocktails, he is either very loud or he is talking pure nonsense.

True story: I was at a DIFFA event a few months ago with my boss. One of the male models came outside to have a smoke with us. Three guys just having a smoke, cool. The place where we were smoking became crowded quick. There ended up being a crowd of about 20 people having their “after dinner smoke”. If you smoke you get that part. Anyway, this crowd of 20 or so people was mixed with men women, straight, gay, a total diverse group. This “model” starts talking about how he and his buddy like to go out and “score” chicks, then trade them off after a couple of weeks. This guy was a total smuck! One by one, people began “checking their watches”, or just walking away in disgust. I have never been so embarrased be a male in my life. The guy took manhood back about 100 years. Unfortunately I didn’t have the card my friend gave me. It would have come in handy that night. I think I am going to arm myself with a few dozen of these. Holiday parties are just around the corner, and I’m sure I’ll get stuck with a few drunk fools before the New Year arrives.

via DWR

Stop Talking

Stop Talking


One Response to “Want These Cards”

  1. stephani rose Says:

    I like knowing that I’m the genesis of this. The funny thing is that I never have the balls to use them when I should.

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