Want This Seat

I just finished building my newest fixie, when I say I, I really mean my bike guru Tommy at West Village Bicycles. The guy builds some bad a** bikes and always shoots straight. I’m trying to avoid having my new bike looking like it was built out of the parts bin, so I am really holdingback on just grabbing any ol’ item to replace the stock parts. I had been hearing about Stussy and Brooks designing a new limited edition saddle in white leather. After doing a bit of digging, I did happen to find it. And YES, it would look great on my new bike. This saddle it seems is a collaboration between Stussy Japan, Brooks, and the Wilson Brothers. If you know little about Brooks saddles, I’ll finish by saying this, purchasing a Brooks saddle is like purchasing a pair of Bespoke shoes. There is nothing better, they have been building bike saddles and other leather goods for bicycles since 1866. Often times it’s the shoes that make the suit. In this case it’s the saddle that makes the bike. Unfortunately the Stussy Brooks saddle is only available in Japan for a cool 39,900 Yen. That’s just over $400.00 USD, but well worth it if you want to look “smashing” while cycling, and you don’t want your arse to hurt after a longday of riding.

Stussy X Brooks X Wilson Brothers

Stussy X Brooks X Wilson Brothers


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