Want These PUMAS

If you have been checking in over the last few days, you would have noticed the “gift” that I had here for you from PUMA celebrating the 60th Birthday. PUMA has dug into the archives and pulled out two vintage styles from the 1940s and 1950s. One is The Arkitel 61 which draws its inspiration from the first PUMA soccer boot. The second is the Rennschuh 2and is reminscent of PUMA’s first spike track shoe. both are very clean in there aesthetic, and have had a bit of a modern upgrade, donning the spikes for smooth rubber soles. Both styles are available in either black or white. These limited edition styles are scheduled to most Puma store over the next few weeks. But after talking to my good friend in NY. They are already on the streets. He picked up a pair about a week ago, and was trying to describe the style to me, in which I had no answer to what they were. I hate not being the first to know, especially when it comes to PUMAs. You can pick up these and other 60th anniversary/birthday PUMA gear here.

PUMA 60th

PUMA 60th

One Response to “Want These PUMAS”

  1. Yo, I knew they existed, but I didn’t know they were available! Good look. I have a friend who is a classic sneaker fan, lives in NY. I’ll tell him to keep his eyes peeled.

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