Want This Bike

So this blog isn’t always about things that I want just for me, I also want things for the Mrs. and for the offspring too. which brings me to the Convert-O-Bike. Its pretty cool. The “trike” was designed in 1949 by the Anthony Brothers, and is still in production. Being made out of aluminum, means you won’t have to see it rust like the radio flyer’s when your kids leave it outside for a few weeks during the rainy season. The trike also has a stamp in noting the date of production. The coolest part is the fact that it can convert from a tricycle to a bicycle by removing the rear platform and re-installing one of the rear wheels. IT’S A FIXIE! That’s nuts. Now I really want one. This is offered in limited quantities from DWR’s new love child DWR LTD. This is an offering of rare or limited edition items that will be sold in limited quantities or auction off to the highest bidder. The Convert-O-Bike is limited to just 20 so If you want one, get on it. If you don’t your kids, nieces or nephews will think you’re lame. More info available here.




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