Want This T-Shirt

My good friend Kelley G. turned me on to Dirty Coast yesterday afternoon. It’s a great little t-shirt joint on Magazine St. in New Orleans. Head Coasters Patrick & Blake started the company just before the wrath Katrina tried to take ’em out. Like all good starts, it was conceived on the back of a cocktail napkin. There quite a bit of humor, politics, and pride screened into just about all of the shirts they produce, and the shirts are printed on American Apparel garments. So that means the shirt will last longer than that crappy  “I heart NY” t-shirt you got to wear once. NOLA Gothic is my favorite. If you’ve been to New Orleans, go back! If you’re planning on going, get on it! If you need a reason to go, here you go. In the mean time, show some love to my Texas neighbors.  You can find out more about the boys of Dirty Coast here.

NOLA Gothic

NOLA Gothic


One Response to “Want This T-Shirt”

  1. Thanks for the post about us.

    For the Obama supporters here is a new one:



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