Want This Stool

This afternoon I got a suprise visit from a very good customer/friend and his wife. Since I’ve moved studios recently, I’ve been somewhat hard to locate. Anyway, as we sat down to catch up, we quickly moved our discussion to design, and believe it or not,… furniture. He quickly reminded me about a product I had seen in Dwell Magazine a while back. The Rian Cantilever Stool by Semigoods is just a beautiful stool. What I admire most about it is the nod to vintage Danish design. Their products are also hand made in the US which in these days is yet another thing to admire about a company. In addition to the cantilever stools, there are also desks and tables. All very beautiful and priced quite fare considering the construction and materials used; white ash, white oak, and walnut. These stools would be great for additional seating in a family room or a very cool casual clothing sneaker boutique. I am actually now reconsidering one for my bedroom. It’s the perfect piece for me to use to slip on my Pumas.

you can check out more pieces from the Rian collection here.

Rian Cantilever Barstool

Rian Cantilever Barstool


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